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A word from our founder...

Dear Colleague,

This has been a heck of a year.

The complexities of handling financial and company assets lie alongside sometimes complicated problems of political and organizational dynamics for organizations of great wealth. The reality of the pandemic poses its own challenges for both senior veterans of business and up and coming next-gen executives in trying to address the sometimes competing interests of politics and global trade.

Value comes before everything. Each event, as you may already be aware, our community bands together with a few thought-leading industry experts. Together we aim to bring to you a highly diverse and select group of Capital Markets, and Private Equity professional and provide them with a crisp and cutting edge forum to address the most relevant subjects of governance and global markets.

Awareness, connections, and your giving spirit are the core pillars of the AC4ER series. We are dedicated exclusively to a small number of individually organized events, each tailored with an unique flair to include exclusively local and regional themes. Whether attending to make invaluable connections, or collaborating directly with us, we deliver exclusive access to our closest colleagues with the expertise and resources needed to achieve your goals. Through bringing you together with your peers, we build unique access for you to a range of professional contacts, skills and services. We are editorially unbiased; the most relevant and topical issues that keep the middle market up at night and give them inspiration are informed by our forum agendas.

Acclarity, a New York City based research firm provides: journals, forums, membership groups, databases, research and online services. Our exclusive meetings for senior financial executives and investors leverage highly engaging platforms to hear from global thought leaders and preferred solution providers. All experts invited to participate share the common purpose of communicating realistic ideas and providing the knowledge needed by delegates to succeed. Our attendees' seniority is unparalleled, and we make every effort to ensure relationship building. We believe that exchanging knowledge and experiences between peers is the hallmark of truly positive, productive activities, and that is the feature that in particular distinguishes us.

The world's leading experts in different fields lead our educational sessions. The purpose behind AC4ER is to discuss and provide possible solutions to the causes of greatest concern to investment decision-makers of the world's largest funds, foundations, private equity and venture capital, as well as senior executives (CXOs and risk managers) of the worlds most significant and growing companies.

Our Non-Profit Mission

The organization leverages its global network to assist in the coronavirus pandemic response including concerns amplified by the pandemic such as; human trafficking, homelessness in the veteran community, higher education for young women, veteran mental health, and feeding hungry children around the globe. In the midst of the global pandemic, statistics for at risk communities has skyrocketed. Every part of the organizational potential of AC4ER is devoted to the response to the coronavirus. Overall, we help provide the global task force with the tools and financing they need in a time of desperation. All over the world children have been shifting to a virtual learning format that for many has been an exercise in transition, proving to be a stumbling block for many. This in turn has affected people of disadvantaged backgrounds the most deeply. In aggregate there are approximately 65 million young adults around the world living without access to secondary education. This problem is amplified by the coronavirus, effecting learning communities throughout the world. Supporting organizations that are on the cutting edge and support children to be empowered around the world is the highest priority and serves as a driver and focal point for our organization.


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