​AC4ER is Acclarity Conference For Economic Recovery, a Non-Profit Fundraiser headquartered in New York City. This unique and virtual event will provide a forum to address the wide range of on-going challenges that middle market players face, as well as how to look for value in this complex economic environment. The Annual Acclarity Conference For Economic Recovery (AC4ER) is an invitation only event and all registrants will be reviewed by the internal review board to ensure that they meet the profile requirements. Value comes before everything. Each time, together with a few thought-leading industry experts, we aim to bring together 300+ of a highly diverse and select group of Capital Markets, and Private Equity participants and provide them with a crisp and cutting-edge forum to address the most relevant subjects of governance and global markets.

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Who Attends AC4ER?

Investment professionals and capital markets participants. Connect with more than 300+ Financial Services Professionals, CEOs, Issuers, and Institutions including: Single Family Offices - Private Equity Firms - HNWIs – Advisors – Endowments – Pension Funds – Private Pensions - Issuers – Law Firms - Entrepreneurs – Independent Sponsors. Specialists in the following sectors: Energy – ESG – EV - Mining – Fintech – Cannabis and more...

Why what we do is so Important?

Awareness, connections, and charity are the core pillars of AC4ER. We create exclusive access for you to a variety of professional connections, expertise and useful resources. At AC4ER we discuss and provide solutions to the causes of greatest concern to investment decision-makers of the world’s largest funds, foundations, private equity and venture capital, as well as senior executives.

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Our organization assists in the coronavirus pandemic response with concerns amplified by the pandemic including human trafficking, homelessness in the veteran community, higher education for young women, veteran mental health, and feeding hungry children around the globe. Amid the global pandemic, statistics for at risk communities has skyrocketed. In aggregate there are approximately 65 million adolescent children around the world without access to secondary education. This problem is amplified by the coronavirus, effecting learning communities throughout the world. Supporting organizations that are on the cutting edge and support children to be empowered around the world is the highest priority and serves as a driver and focal point for the organization.